Securing The Workers' Benefits You Deserve

Occupations that involve general labor or more physical work come with an increased risk of injury. If you are injured while working, you are entitled to benefits as payment for your employer subjecting you to dangerous conditions. At the Kevin T. Agin Law Offices, I work to ensure you receive the recovery you deserve for your injuries.

Many workers feel powerless against their employer's decision on what benefits to provide. It is important to remember that employers often have their own attorneys, and sometimes care more about their bottom line than your well-being. My firm focuses on workers' compensation representation, and has helped workers in Lancaster and throughout Ohio secure the recovery to which they are entitled.

In addition to workers' compensation representation, we offer assistance for Social Security Disability applications, personal injury claims and simple estate planning.

Make Sure You Rights Are Protected

Many workers simply accept the benefits they are provided without question. Many see their medical treatments being denied, while others are coerced into returning to work sooner than they should. Without proper legal representation, you may be taken advantage of by your employer.

The primary goal of my firm is to work with you to ensure your rights as a worker are protected. I have extensive knowledge of the workers' compensation system, know what benefits you are entitled to and understand how to handle difficult employers and hearings.

Working Closely With You To Achieve Results

Many lawyers pass your case on to their paralegal or support team. At my firm, however, I represent every case personally, taking a hands-on approach to protecting your interests. I attend any hearings and promptly return phone calls, answering your questions quickly and accurately. During this difficult time, you don't just need an attorney — you need an ally who cares about your well-being.

There is no cost to get started. Call my firm at 740-474-2000 to schedule a free consultation, or reach out online.