What Workers' Compensation Benefits Am I Entitled To Receive?

Workers' compensation benefits include more than just lost wages from work. While this is a large component of your benefits, you are entitled to much more as an Ohio worker. At the Kevin T. Agin Law Offices, I walk you through all the benefits you can claim, and vigorously defend your right to those claims through any hearings or appeals that occur.

These are just a few main benefits you are entitled to as a worker in Lancaster and the surrounding region.

Medical Expenses: You are often entitled to partial or full recovery of any medical bills you receive as a result of treatment of your work-related injury. This includes any previous treatments, as well as recurring and future treatments that are required. Be sure to keep a record of receipts as evidence of your medical expenses.

Lost Time At Work: Many people can't afford to sit out of work as they recover. It is unfair for your employer to withhold your wages as a result of an on-the-job injury. You deserve to be paid the wages you otherwise would have received had you not been subject to an injury.

Wage Loss: You may have sustained an injury that caused you to take a different role at work, possibly lowering your earnings. If you are now making less money at work as a result of your injury, you can fight to receive the difference in workers' compensation benefits.

Permanent Damage Or Disability: While you are not usually entitled to "pain and suffering" damages, you may be entitled to payment for any long-term or permanent damage or disability. If you can't return to work due to the severity of your injury, and are unable to do similar work and make a comparable wage, you are entitled to that difference in earnings.

Employer Safety Violations: If your employer displayed gross negligence in violating safety rules and regulations, causing your injury, you may be entitled to additional benefits. Your case may also evolve to include personal injury claims, depending on the situation.

You Don't Pay Unless We Win

Unlike some attorneys, there is no hourly charge for my firm's services. In fact, you only pay when we secure judgment for your benefits or successfully negotiate a settlement for your injuries. With a free initial consultation, there's no risk to getting started. You deserve full and fair benefits for your work-related injury, and I will only accept payment once I secure those benefits for you.

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