About the Site's Photos

When I was still in law school in the early 90’s, I worked as a law clerk for a downtown Columbus law firm. It was part of my job to run documents all over downtown. I would occasionally have to go the building then known as the Ohio Departments Building on Front Street. The building is now the home of the Ohio Supreme Court and is called the Ohio Judicial Center. I was always impressed with the architecture and artwork of the building. In particular I was impressed with the murals honoring the workers of Ohio in the North Hearing Room.

When I was planning my web site I remembered the murals and felt they would be a nice addition to the site. I like the style of the murals and how they show an appreciation of the people who do the physical labor that makes our country go. I took most of the photos you see on this site in the North Hearing Room. I also discovered the history of the room and found out the room was originally designed for use by the Industrial Commission for hearings related to workers compensation. They were created by Cincinnati artist John Holmer (1894-1962) and are titled “The Progress of Industry.” They were to depict the grind and dignity of physical labor. This appreciation for the workers of our country is something we could use a little more of in our time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.