"Since day one he has always done as promised."

In March of 1995 I was involved in an industrial accident at work. I had been employed with my company for 16 years and ultimately ended up in a wheelchair from a low back injury. Have never really been hurt like this before I had no idea that I needed an attorney until a caseworker at the Ohio BWC recommended it. Back then with no computer and armed with only a phone book, I tried with no success. Thankfully, Kevin Agin was a name that I was referred to by three different people in one week! Since day one he has always done as promised, taken care of things that I know nothing about. Mr. Agin has represented me several times at many different hearings and has always been helpful. I currently am still relying on Mr. Agin for two different BWC claims. (Claims are 21 years apart!) I have and will continue to recommend Mr. Agin. Thank you.